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Gidser for Triathlon is a site dedicated to people who are involved in Triathlon. This is not only about the athletes themselves, but also for those who organize competitions and those who have a loved one preparing for a race and would like to help.

These pages are written by Frederic Watteyne, a part-time athlete and Software Engineer. His goal is to bring information to everyone in a structured way, to find information fast.

Frederic Watteyne

Frederic Watteyne


For who?


Learn more about starting as a first time atlete. Learn about all the items that it takes and more more more.

Did you already succeed at your first race? Then more advanced topics will guide you in your adventure.

Supporting a loved one

What can you acpect? How can you participate in this process. This is also adressed on this site.

Event organiser

Some of the specific pages will go into detail on how to organise an event.

Eating during long training session

As an athlete embarks into his/her long training sessions, eating enough is an import factor in the effectiveness of this training session. During these longer sessions you cannot rely on your the energy you have in your body but you will have to resupply these. This means eating and drinking. For a triathlete, it is not only important to have enough water and food, but the type of food is also important. All these items are planned so that he has an optimal performance during his training and he doesn’t run out.

There are a few basic rules that an athlete can abide by for starters, but if you are investing more and more into your training it is also worth investing in a dietician. He will guide you more with how much you can consume.

There are even professionals who can calculate what type of effort you can put out and how much energy you need to consume per hour to consume this amount.


Eat enough during the long sessions

Lets start with water. It’s advice do drink a liter per hour. You can drink more but then you will probably need some bathroom brakes during your training. 

For energy a cookie could go a long way. But you also have gells and energy bars. Keep in mind that gells are not that easy to digest. Play around with what you find in the shops. 

Keep in mind that gells are not that easy to digest. Play around with these items 

Do not trash

You will do a lot of miles. Please think about the environment and do not throw your wrappers on the road.

Be a conscious person and put them back into your pocket. The small extra weight won’t make your training session any harder. 

Make your own snacks

More and more there is a conscious thingy were people want to know more and more about the stuff they put in their body. With a lot of solutions from the store and online, it’s sometimes hard to know what is healthy and ecological. 

There is an alternative. You can make your own. With some basic ingredients, you can create your own bars and energy drinks very easily. 

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